build.radon.jpegEnkavent 6128 is a radon venting product manufactured to mitigate (lessen) radon gas from under concrete and basement slab construction. Enkavent
provides an airspace that intercepts radon before it seeps into the basement, crawlspace, or through the slab.
  • Reduces radon level up to 97%
  • Proven results since 1985
  • Strong enough to sustain load of 12" concrete slab
  • Meets requirements of floating slab construction
  • Easy & quick installation – no digging and no extra gravel
  • Cost-effective

How the Enkavent system works:

  • Enkavent allows radon to flow through the filter fabric and into the airspace created by the nylon matrix.
  • Airspace does not clog because the filter fabric holds back gravel and soil.
  • Natural airflow through the Enkavent matting channels radon to pipe openings.
  • Gas is routed outdoors.

Building & Roofing MSDS Notes:

Building & Roofing LEED: