Industrial Specialties Applications

ind.aquariumThe Industrial Products Group at Colbond creates and markets a family
of multi-dimensional products manufactured from nylon, polyolefins and polyester.

The 95% open structure of our various matrix products allows for free movement of air, water, resins and foam.

Products have been created by heat-bonding, gluing, ultrasonic welding
and stitching textiles, foils and paper creating some of the most innovative products available in the market today.

Three Colbond products are used to filter liquids in various aquaculture applications.

Enkamat is very effective in controlling waterfall noise in commercial cooling towers. 

Enkamat is very effective in controlling water movement, splashing, and noise in
commercial fountains and water displays.

Enkamat is used as an underlayment product for standing or perching birds.