buildsedumArmed with over 25 years experience in the European green roof market, Colbond is actively involved in "growing" green roofing in the Americas.

All of our green roof products contribute LEED points for recycled content and/or environmental impact.

  • Enkadrain 3000R Series / Drainage
  • EnkaRetain & Drain / Water Retention & Drainage
  • Enkamat 7010 / Root Reinforcement

Through product innovation, education, and corporate sponsorships / memberships, our commitment
to this market is clear. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality, most cost effective drainage, water
retention, and root reinforcement components for any green roof system.

In the following video clip, view installation by Living Roofs, Inc. at the Repass Center, Duke Marine Lab.
This roof was installed in April 2010 and has endured 2 hurricanes, including a direct hit from Irene.

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