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Erosion Control

civilsteepslopesEnkamat is the most widely used permanent erosion control mat in the world. Introduced in the early 1970's, it set the parameters for success still used today in erosion control product performance.

Using this unique, three-dimensional matrix ensures complete interaction between soil, vegetation, and the matting which enhances plant growth and permanently anchors plants roots in place. Why use Enkamat?

  • Flexible and conformable to any surface
  • Increases permissible shear of the vegetation
  • Will not lose performance or integrity when cut in the field
  • Non-restrictive vegetation growth
  • Proven track record with predictable results

Enkamat is used for permanent erosion control in many erosion control applications and systems including: channel linings, green armor system, landfills, root reinforcement, sitework, slope protection, and turf reinforcement.

In North America, Enkamat and the Green Armor System is available exclusively through Profile Products, LLC.
*Installation instructions available in English / Spanish.


Enkagrid MAX 20

Enkagrid MAX 30

Enkagrid PRO 40

Enkagrid PRO 60

Enkagrid PRO 90

Enkamat 7018