Drainage / Geosynthetics
civil.reinforcedsoilslopesEnkadrain, Enkamat, and  Colbonddrain are Colbond products used in
civil engineering drainage applications. These brands are known worldwide
for quality and high-performance water / moisture management for chimney drains, environmental drainage, PVD/wick drains, retaining walls, roadways, and many other engineered applications.  

Key performance features of these products are:
  • Proven and predictable flow rates
  • Flexible and conformable to any surface
  • Easy vertical and horizontal installation
  • Variety of products available

Enkadrain is used as a "chimney drain" to relieve hydrostatic pressure behind retaining walls. 

Enkadrain, Enkamat, and Colbonddrain are geosynthetics used for containing,reinforcing, reclaiming,
and draining soil in environmental engineering applications.

Colbonddrain is used to accelerate the consolidation of soft soils resulting in a stable subgrade for construction to take place.
Enkadrain geocomposite drains are designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure in soils abutting below grade structures.
Enkadrain geocomposite drains are used to channel water from roadway embankments and edges –
extending the service life of the road.