Subsurface Drainage/Building

flatenkadrainvsdimple-smallEnkadrain mats have 30 years of proven performance. This family of subsurface drainage composites is known for quality products and high-performance water / moisture management in foundation walls, green roofs, ICFS, planters, plaza decks, tunnels, and many other industrial and civil engineering applications. 

Key performance features of Enkadrain are:

  • Lie flat and don't curl (see comparison in photo)
  • Proven and predictable flow rates
  • Flexible and conformable to any surface
  • Easy vertical and horizontal installation
  • Variety of products available

Enkadrain 3000R drains are designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure in soils abutting below grade structures. 

Enkadrain 3000R drains are designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure on ICF walls.

Enkadrain 3000R and EnkaRetain & Drain are used in indoor and outdoor commercial planters.

Enkadrain 3000R series drainage products are highly desirable for horizontal applications such as plaza decks


Building & Roofing MSDS Notes:

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