Colback nonwovens are proven to eliminate bowing and skewing 

when tufting or printing patterned broadloom carpeting, modular carpet tiles, and walk-off mats.

floorprimarybackingcarpetSuperior dimensional and thermal stability make it easier to process which makes our high-quality, high-volume carpeting customers happy.

Because Colback is manufactured in two steps, its physical properties can be adjusted to meet performance requirements for tufting, dyeing, and printing. No other primary backing can match the quality of Colback:

  • Uniform tufting for patterns / designs
  • Easy mending
  • No fraying
  • Accepts dyes and coatings easily
  • Consistent quality roll to roll

Colback SMR sets new standards in eco-friendly manufacturing as the only primary backing using 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.

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