Colback Original. The quality of a tufted carpet is largely determined by the primary backing,

 which acts as the carrier for the carpet construction throughout the entire manufacturing process.

autmotive-fabricsPremium carpet tiles, dust control mats, runners, patterned broadloom carpets and car carpets call for a high-stability primary backing; Colback has unrivalled stability, making it ideal for such demanding applications

 As a premium product, Colback is mainly used in executive class cars where quality and performance are of prime importance. In mid and lower class cars, the high performance of Colback allows the application of lower weight primary backings and the use of smaller blank sheet sizes, thus reducing the cost of the finished product.

To meet the specific requirements of molded car carpets, Colbond has developed variants of Colback that provide enhanced mechanical properties to accept the extreme elongations in complex parts (e.g. tunnel area) without pile drifting.

Paired with filament mass consistency and uniformly high quality, these properties help to minimize the percentage of rejected parts and reduce the total cost of the molding process.