Colback primary backingseliminate bowing and skewing during manufacturing, processing, and installation
of patterned broadloom carpeting. 

floorpatternedbroadloom2Engineered to perform with our high-volume customers in mind, Colback fabrics bring multiple benefits to the carpet manufacturer, installer, as well as the end user.

Key characteristics:

  • Pattern straightness – improves quality of end product and makes installation easier and quicker 
  • Allows for batch dyeing vs. solution pre-dyed yarns flexibility in design colors, lower yarn inventory, and lower waste. 
  • Better stitch-holding – easier to process because yarn stays in place. 
  • Better tuft bind – reduced edge raveling.

Whether tufted or printed, the pattern must be perfectly straight or in the end the beauty is marred, installation will be difficult, and quality is affected.