Wind Energy: EnkaFusion is used to create, high-quality, repeatable parts in the wind energy industry. The generator cover, turbine blades, and hub are all composite parts that need to be light, yet strong.

Oil Drilling: EnkaFusion is used to facilitate the process of manufacturing syntactic foam buoyancy modules for ocean drilling.
It functions as a separator and spring that pushes the fiberglass layers to the outer edges of the mold walls and helps to enhance the flow of the foam as it is pumped into the mold.

If you need a flow medium that works quickly, completely, and cost-effectively try EnkaFusion. It has many benefits that other flow media does not:

  • Promotes complete wet-out of the molded part
  • Provides an open channel for complete coverage of resins and foams
  • Low cost solution for increasing productivity
  • Fastest flow medium on the market
  • Resilient, conformable, and flexible
  • Bonds easily to other surfaces

There are many types of EnkaFusion to choose from depending on the application. Products range from 1mm – 25mm in thickness. For large volume customers, EnkaFusion can be custom manufactured.