civil.reinforcedsoilslopesColbond Inc. has developed a family of high performance geosynthetics to help engineers around the world face increasingly more complex construction and environmental challenges.

Our Enka-Engineered family includes:
  • Enkamat
  • Enkagrid
  • Colbonddrain
  • Enkadrain

These well-respected products are used worldwide for erosion control, soil improvement, drainage, and waste contaiment.


Enkadrain geocomposite drains are designed to relieve hydrostatic pressure in soils abutting below grade structures.

Erosion Control

Enkamat is designed for permanent erosion protection in high velocity channels..

Golf Course Products

Colbond has developed a line of golf course enhancement products which compliment our existing erosion control and civil engineering / drainage product lines.

Highway/Heavy Construction

Colbond geosynthetics are used in and around highways and heavy construction areas.