buildplazadeck-colbondEnkadrain and Enkamat products sold in North America are
manufactured in the U.S. and are developed specifically for many
sustainable building applications such as green roof drainage and water retention, metal roof thermal ventilation, waterproof membrane reinforcement and sub-surface drainage.

Backed by over 30 years of proven experience in the field around the
world and a history of meeting consumer needs through continual
research and development, Enka-Engineered products are the leading standard for high value reliability and performance.

Green Roof/Green Gardens

Colbond is actively involved in "growing" green roofing in the Americas. All of our green roof products contribute LEED points for recycled content and/or environmental impact.

Metal Roof ASV Underlayment

Patent Pending for use as underlayment under metal roofs. Made in the USA and ISO Certified.

Radon Control

Lessen radon gas from under concrete and basement slabs by using a ventilation layer that provides an airspace that intercepts radon before it seeps into the basement, crawlspace or through the slab.

Sound Control

Colbond manufactures a variety of products used to reduce impact and airborne noise from traveling through the structure at certain critical points.

Subsurface Drainage

Many applications requiring high-performance water and moisture management are standard uses of Enkadrain products, including foundation walls, green roofs, ICFs, planters and plaza decks.

Waterproof Membrane Reinforcement

Colback products are used in low slope roofing for waterproof bituminous membranes and in hot and cold applied built-up roofing systems.

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