Athletic Fields

athleticfieldsColbond products are used in synthetic turf construction and natural and synthetic turf protection. Our athletic field products are used under the
field, on top of the field and in some cases in making the field itself.
  • EnkamatPlus – sideline protection and concert cover
  • Enkamat Flatback – concert cover
  • Enkaturf Drain – synthetic turf drainage
  • Colback – synthetic turf primary backing
Proven performance and consistent quality make Colbond products desirable for natural turf and synthetic turf applications.

Enkamat Flatback is an alternative for field protection during non-athletic events.

EnkamatPlus sideline matting is designed to meet all professional, college, and high-school standard sideline dimensions.

Enkaturf Drain is a 12" wide strip drain commonly used in conjuction with synthetic turf.

Colback products bring the highest level of uniform dimensional stability when tufting grass yarns for athletic field turf.